About Pet's Secret

1.We are the FIRST veterinary hospital managed and operated by a team of renowned veterinary specialists! We know your pets inside out! 

2.First “7-starred” living standards for your beloved pets, your pet will enjoy every second of their stay with us! 

3.Just sit back and relax in our VVIP chauffeur-driven luxurious limousine services. We pamper YOU to the best!

4.Learn to appreciate arts through the skillful fingers from our world class designers team!


5.We use only GIA certified diamonds to customize and tailor made your pet’s clothings and accessories! 

Feel the air of loyalty surrounding your pet & YOU.

                        10 Promises To My Pets

* Be patient and understanding towards us *
* Trust us, for we are always by your side *
* If we don’t obey, we have a good reason * 

* Stay as our Best Friend even when we are old *
* Don’t forget that we have feelings too *
* Play with us *

* Let’s never fight *
* You have work and friends, but for us we only have you *

* We will only live about 10 years, so let’s make every moment count *
* We will never forget our life together, when the time comes, please be by my side.*